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Heat wave continues sweeping Southern California, including at Dodger Stadium

A panorama of Dodger Stadium taken during a seventh inning stretch.
A panorama of Dodger Stadium taken during a seventh inning stretch.

Fire departments across Southern California are on heightened alert this weekend as the region endures another heat wave. It'll be a heated game Saturday as the Dodgers take on the St. Louis Cardinals in game two of the National League Championship Series.

And for fans at the game... it'll be really hot. Temperatures at Dodger Stadium are expected to still be in the upper 80s when the game starts.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Peter Sanders had some cooling tips for fans. 

"Water is the biggest thing. Drink plenty of water. People like to drink other things a the Dodger game, sometimes — but water is the best thing you can drink in the seat, as well as seek some shade from a hat and having some sunscreen on to protect yourself.

The Fire Department deployed extra personnel to the stadium on Friday for an even hotter game, including two bicycle medic teams to ride around the stadium in case anyone suffered from heat exhaustion.

The Fire Department has deployed additional personnel and resources elsewhere, especially in high fire risk areas. 

"We've staffed 11 additional fire engines, five brush patrol units — which are smaller pickup truck-type units that can get into the mountain areas much quicker than our engines can," Sanders said Friday. "We have two additional battalion chiefs on duty, and a couple of additional officers that are involved with our helicopter operations."

Sanders said the department will continue to assess weather conditions over the weekend to see if more resources are needed.