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Jury: Anaheim police officer did not use excessive force in fatal shooting

A federal jury Thursday found an Anaheim police officer did not use excessive force in the fatal shooting of Manuel Diaz, one of two men whose deaths sparked protests in July 2012.

The jury in Santa Ana ruled that the force used against Manuel Diaz, 25, was not excessive or unreasonable.

Diaz was shot by Officer Nick Bennallack outside an Anaheim apartment complex on July 21, 2012. Officers were questioning Diaz, who had a criminal record and was a suspected gang member, when he ran. 

During the chase, officers said they saw Diaz reach for his waistband and throw something. 
No weapon was found on or near Diaz. 

Diaz' mother, Genevieve Huizar, filed a civil suit against Bennallack and the city of Anaheim, seeking damages between $3 million and $5 million. Huizar said she's disappointed but plans to appeal.

The fatal shooting of Diaz and the fatal shooting of Joel Acevedo the next night sparked four days of protests in Anaheim. One disturbance resulted in smashed windows and dozens of arrests.

Bennallack was cleared in the shooting last year by the Orange County District Attorney.