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Gettysburg Address: 6 cool things to know on the 150th anniversary

President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address as inscribed on the stone at the Lincoln Memorial.

Tuesday marks the 150th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's most famous speech: The Gettysburg Address, delivered during the height of the Civil War to commemorate a Pennsylvania cemetery for soldiers who died in a key battle.

Some things to know as we recall the speech that encapsulated Lincoln's message to the nation in a terse, poetic 272 words:

1. Thousands convened in Gettysburg, Pa., Tuesday to commemorate the address, CBS News reported.

2. The Pennsylvania-based Patriot-News printed a retraction on Nov. 14 of its 1863 review of the speech, which called Lincoln’s words “silly remarks,” deserving “a veil of oblivion”:
3. National Public Radio on Tuesday's Morning Edition aired the speech as read by historian Eric Foner and members of the NPR staff. You can listen by clicking the audio buttons above.

4. The Atlantic reminds us that in 2000, Peter Norvig, the current director of research at Google,  created a PowerPoint presentation of the address as a way to lampoon the reductiveness of the Microsoft presentation software, creating an Internet meme.

5. USA Today reports that there are actually five manuscripts of the speech:

6. Google has created an interactive project that allows you to compare the five different versions of the speech, the most famous version of which is posted below.