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#KPCCkidsfood: Share your healthy recipes and photos


Preschoolers are the perfect age to learn how to eat a diverse range of foods. That's why we're on the lookout for healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes: Think Soba noodles instead of mac and cheese or chicken curry stew instead of chicken nuggets. (We're looking for ethnic kiddie recipes too!)

For inspiration, we dug up a few fun examples. 

With "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" in mind, Caramel Pop mommy blogger paired an apple with Babybel cheese to create this fun snack. Then there are these veggie tortilla roll-ups from the book "Weelicious Lunches."

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When we asked our Twitter followers what healthy foods they cook at home, @ambushent said her family enjoys making dairy-free pita pizzas. @SevenEightyInte, on the other hand, suggested this Hamburger Buddy recipe. 

Here's a pic of the pizza-making party.

What are your kids favorite dishes? Where did you buy the ingredients, and why does he or she love the food so much.Share your best recipes to help us create the ultimate kids menu. Email your responses to OR tweet/Instagram using the hashtag #KPCCkidsfood.