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Asiana Flight 214: Valley church says surviving students will return to China

Staffers at a San Fernando Valley church say that the surviving members of a group of Chinese students who were on Asiana Flight 214 — which crashed Saturday in San Francisco — will likely return to China rather than attend a summer study-abroad program as originally planned.

“We, of course, would welcome anybody who would like to come down," West Valley Christian Church and School administrator Derek Swales told KPCC. "But all the reports we’re hearing is that they will go home and be with their family.”  

The students would have spent time at the at the West Valley Christian Church and School summer camp working on their English skills while living with host families in the area.

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Two of the group of students perished in the Saturday crash: 16-year olds Wang Linjia and Ye Mengyuan. The two students were the only fatalities of the crash at San Francisco International Airport.

The West Valley Christian Church and School is planning a vigil for the two young Chinese students.

Swales said the church is also organizing a fund drive for the surviving victims.

“We’re just wanting to put together some sort of monetary gift or  a tangible object to send to those 35 families to just show our love and respect," Swales said.