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POLL: Public Radio Bracket Madness Round 3: Vote for your favorite public radio show

It's round 3 of Public Radio Bracket Madness! Remember — there can be only one!
Mike Roe/KPCC
It's round 3 of Public Radio Bracket Madness! Remember — there can be only one!

Update: Voting is now closed. See who won!

Previously: Who shall win your vote?

In round 2, the battle between Radiolab and NPR powerhouse Morning Edition was a nail biter, resulting in the closest race yet — Radiolab won by less than 5 percent of the vote, coming in at 52.3 percent to 47.7 percent.

Round 3 brings some interesting matchups. What better opponent for our British friends at BBC Newshour than This American Life? It’s the king of call-ins versus the king of interview programs in Talk of the Nation versus Fresh Air.

We saw the passionate fanbase of the Moth Radio Hour keep their dark horse candidate rolling, but how will they fare against the game show energy of Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me? We’ve also got old guard versus new, with NPR standard bearer All Things Considered going up against the editing wizards at Radiolab.

Now comes the time to choose who you want to be your final four. (Click here to view a printable bracket if you’d like to chart out your choices on paper first.)

Round 3 voting closes Sunday, March 31 at 5 p.m.

Your final four begins Monday, April 1, and comes to a close Thursday, April 4.

Finally, the championship voting begins April 5 before coming to a close on Sunday, April 8. The results of the championship bout will be announced April 9.

You can listen to all the public radio you want, but only one show can win this contest. Cast your ballot below. (You can click here to view a larger version of the brackets in a new window.)

Want your favorite to win? Be sure to share our Public Radio Bracket on your social media and get your friends to vote as well!