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Big Bird Halloween costumes are flying off shelves, thanks to Mitt Romney's remark in presidential debate

A WonderCon 2012 attendee dressed as Big Bird of "Sesame Street."
Nathan Rupert/Flickr (Creative Commons-licensed)
This could be you this Halloween -- if you can find one still in stores.

Big Bird is dominating this Halloween, with costumes of the feathery bird flying off shelves.

Dressing up as the Sesame Street character rose to the top of a lot of people's costume plan after the first presidential debate, when Republican candidate Mitt Romney threatened to cut PBS’ government funding.

“Cause I like PBS, I like Big Bird … but I’m not going to keep spending money on China to pay for us,” Romney said.

When Los Angeles costume storeowner Shelly Shai heard that quote, she knew that Big Bird costumes would be hot this year.

“I backed up another order,” Shai said. Her store, Shelly’s Dance and Costume, ordered six dozen more Big Bird costumes, on top of the typical order of 36 outfits.

In three weeks, Shai said she’s sold 100 Big Bird costumes, the most in the 25 years the store has sold the product. Costumes cost up to $150 and are “big, yellow and furry with a nice beak,” she said.

Big Bird is a top seller at her store, but Shai doesn’t plan to go yellow this Halloween. She might dress as pop singer Katy Perry.