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Anaheim City Council calls special Thursday meeting regarding police shootings

Daisy, 18, writes a message for her longtime friend, Manuel Diaz. Diaz was shot by Anaheim police on July 21, 2012.
Bear Guerra/KPCC
Daisy, 18, writes a message for her longtime friend, Manuel Diaz. Diaz was shot by Anaheim police on July 21, 2012.

The Anaheim City Council is having a special meeting Thursday at 1 p.m. to talk about issues related to the recent shootings of two men by Anaheim police.

The announcement was made just 24 hours before the meeting is scheduled to begin.

The Anaheim City Council plans to meet with their legal counsel to talk about a lawsuit against the city by the ACLU, Los Amigos of Orange County and others.

The lawsuit claims the city's at-large voting system for city council elections does not allow fair representation for all Anaheim residents.

The council also said they will talk about the safety of public facilities with Anaheim Police Chief John Welter.

Before the closed session starts, the public has a chance to comment on those issues.

The meeting, at the Anaheim City Hall Council Chambers, 200 S. Anaheim Blvd., will allow time for public comment on the issues before the council enters its closed session.

"Anaheim continues to be one of the safest cities in the country as a visitor destination, as well as, to live and raise a family," states the city of Anaheim news release. "The Anaheim City Council is committed to working with community, non-profit, education, and business leaders, as well as members of our faith-based community to collaboratively move the city forward in a positive direction following the recent events of July 21-22, 2012."

Those recent events are two Anaheim police officer-involved shootings that killed two Latino men.

The family of one of the men, Manuel Diaz, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city, its police department and two officers over the July 21 shooting.

Diaz was unarmed when shot by police.

The following day, July 22, Joel Acevedo was shot and killed by police. Anaheim police said he fired a gun at pursuing officers.

Anaheim is trying to work with community leaders to address issues related to the Anaheim police officer-involved shootings that killed the two men.

Some of those issues are not new, but the shootings have cast a brighter spotlight on them.

The city previously announced a special council meeting for next week (Aug. 8) at Anaheim High School, so people can comment on the recent events in Anaheim.

The City Council said comments can also be submitted in writing to:

"Residents can provide their thoughts, concerns, and feedback on how the city can best serve all residents of Anaheim," the release states. "All written comments will be provided to the Anaheim City Council and entered into the official record.

The Thursday meeting will also be streamed live on their website .