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LAUSD's Deasy: 'I can't have any more surprises at Miramonte'

Parents of students at Miramonte Elementary School escort children out of school on Feb. 6, 2012.
Grant Slater/KPCC
Parents of students at Miramonte Elementary School escort they children out of school on February 6, 2012.

“I can’t have any more surprises at Miramonte even though the police will do what they have to do and if there are no more - thank God," Deasy told reporters after the meeting he led at South Region High School for Miramonte Elementary parents, shortly after LAUSD announced it would be replacing the entire staff at the school.

Two teachers are accused of committing lewd acts against children. The school’s 1,500 or so students are out of class until the new staff is in place on Thursday.

“And during that period of time, what we are doing is that we are relocating the entire staff at Miramonte to another location. And we’re talking in this case the entirety of the staff,” Deasy said.

Deasy emphasized the action doesn’t mean staffers did anything wrong and that district leaders and counselors will help them through the challenging time while sheriff's deputies continue to investigate.

Before Deasy met with parents, many of them marched from Miramonte along South Central Avenue to the meeting at the high school.

When district officials refused to allow reporters inside, protesters chanted in anger "we want press."

Solomon Brunson of L.A. accused district leaders of shutting media out to hide information. He has three grandchildren who attend Miramonte.

“If they don’t allow the media, ain’t no sense in going in the door," Brunson said. "What’s the sense of doing it? They’ve been covering it up every step of the way.”

Deasy responded to the issue when he later spoke to reporters.

“I truly believe that parents deserved this one first and it is not a disrespect to the media... It was [out of] respect for [parents] who expressed a great deal of stress,” said Deasy.

L.A. Unified will continue to pay relocated staffers. District leaders could return them to work in the near future.

Deasy said parents will have a choice to keep their kids at Miramonte or to send them to another local school. Some people left the meeting saying they were still frustrated.

Last week, Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Mark Berndt, 61, and Martin Springer, 49. They believe the teachers committed lewd acts against students.