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California parents meet in LA to organize for state initiative

Public school parents from different parts of the state are meeting in Los Angeles though the weekend to draw up a statewide ballot initiative they say would give parents a bigger role in education policy.

Organizers haven’t worked out many details about the initiative, except that they want it on next year’s November ballot.

Educate Our State co-founder Teri Levy says that’s so voters can "move a collaborative framework with teachers and parents and administrators to improve the quality of education, which encompasses teacher evaluation, student achievement and professional development."

The group operates independently of other large organizations, Levy says. She adds that about 100 participants are in Los Angeles to learn what it’ll take to carry out their goals.

The group includes the California PTA, Invest in PUSD Kids, and Bay Area education advocates in a list of "like-minded" organizations.

Correction: The original story incorrectly stated that the California State PTA had endorsed Educate Our State. Apologies.