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Latest 'Twilight' draws an early, ardent crowd

Teen vampire movie fans began camping outside the Nokia Theatre at LA Live Thursday awaiting Monday’s premiere of “Breaking Dawn, Part One” – the fourth movie in the “Twilight” series. Almost a thousand people so far have picked up wristbands so they can stand along the red carpet.

Campers pass the time playing games, watching movies and participating in the movie promoters’ contests.

Many fans who’ve pitched tents are women in their teens and twenties. Then there’s Billy Thackerson of Wickett, Texas. He and his wife, Maradith, traveled to the “Twilight camp” for their 22nd wedding anniversary.

“We didn’t take our anniversary trip in October so I come with her in order to spend time with her at the ‘Twilight’ convention,” Billy said.

“He was up for it. He wanted to camp out so here he is. It was nice last night because it was cold outside. He’s like my own personal space heater so it worked out good,” Maradith said.

The publicity team for this event says it’s got surprises in store for campers during the weekend. That may include appearances from “Twilight” cast members.