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Demonstrators decry cost of Afghanistan war on 10th anniversary

Anti-war protesters marched in downtown Los Angeles Friday to mark the 10th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. The Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace organized the protest which included Occupy L.A. activists and members of local labor unions.

Protesters spoke from the platform of a truck where demonstrators denounced the war, saying money should be going to jobs and schools, not bombs.

Earlier Friday morning, protesters gathered at a downtown L.A. church and marched less than a mile to the Federal Building. LAPD officers monitored them along the way and closed off streets.

Participants came from a variety of backgrounds, from young college students to members of a group that call themselves Grandmothers For Peace.

The protests followed a series of others that have taken place in Los Angeles since demonstrators set up camp at City Hall on Saturday. On Thursday, Occupy L.A. activists were joined by several local unions for protests against Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

Correction: An earlier version of this story suggested that the protest was organized largely by members of the Occupy L.A. movement. It was led by members from Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace. We thank our commenters for pointing out the inaccuracy.