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LA Lottery League plays 'mix and match' with local bands

Some bands get together in high school or college. Others find each other through classifieds or on Craigslist. Still others will result as part of a new musical experiment known as the L.A. Lottery League. Music promoter Sean Carney, aka Sean Carnage, described the project.

The Lottery League begins with a draft on January 29. The organizers or "Council of Chiefs" includes Carney and four others involved in the local music scene.

They will choose band members' names at random from a lottery hopper and place them into new bands. The bands will then practice together for several weeks before playing a concert on February 26 at Project Infest, near USC.

The idea originally started in Cleveland, but Carney says the Los Angeles league won't have as many rules as the Cleveland league. For instance, in Los Angeles, there won't be any guidelines about the number of particular instruments in a band. That means a band could potentially end up with four drummers.

"This is L.A., things are a lot more diverse here and we wanted the selection process to reflect that,” said Carney.

The only rule is that each band has to have access to a practice space.

Carney says organizers plan to put music from the bands online and let fans choose their favorite songs. He says there will be some mystery prizes for the winners.

Audio: KPCC's Alex Cohen speaks with music promoter Sean Carney, aka Sean Carnage, about the project.