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SPONSORED EVENT: Felices Fiestas

12:00 AM, every day from December 20, 2022 through December 31, 2022.
Multiple Venues
Para Los Niños

This December, Para Los Niños will celebrate Felices Fiestas (Spanish for “Happy Holidays”) throughout the month with events across our locations and schools.

Each holiday season, Para Los Niños goes the extra mile to ensure families have joyous holidays and hope for the new year. While historically there was one, big event welcoming families to share a meal, activities, and photos with Santa, this year celebrations will be numerous.

This year, Felices Fiestas will be a multi-day event that is celebrated and hosted by our different departments and charter schools. Follow our page throughout December to see how we are celebrating with our communities, families, youth and students for all their achievements and resilience this past year. 

For example, this month the Para Los Niños Gratts Primary Center near Westlake celebrated the end of the year with a Winterland-themed joint event with the Education Department Center (EDC). There were holiday art projects facilitated by teachers, games in the quad facilitated by EDC team, booths with resources (thank you Pathways LA for joining us!), and gifts generously donated by the Casa Bella Foundation. Tacos were provided to all families.

If you believe in the power of our work to educate and empower families, please consider giving to Para Los Niños this holiday season by clicking the link below.

Felices Fiestas Details:
December 2022
Various Para Los Niños locations

Want to partner with us this holiday season?
Gift cards are a wonderful way to support our families and youth directly throughout the holiday season! We suggest Target, Visa, or Grocery store gift cards given their versatility and practical use. In the past we have given gift cards to our most in need families, who then are able to purchase items like sweaters, shoes, blankets, and food.

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About the sponsor:
Para Los Niños (PLN) was established over 42 years ago to provide a crucial safety net for the most vulnerable families in Los Angeles County. Today, PLN serves over 10,000 children youth, and families across 200 zip codes. As an integrated service organization, PLN brings together education, early intervention, mental health, public health, community engagement, and leadership development to serve the whole child, whole family, and communities in which families reside.