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Solar sailing: Planetary Society's LightSail to embark on sun-powered space journey in 2016

The Crawford Family Forum

*Reservations for this event are now at capacity, but you can catch the live stream of the program here at 7:00PM on Wednesday July 9th*

The Planetary Society returns to the Crawford Family Forum with an evening devoted to the revolutionary potential of solar sailing.  It has been called the only practical way to reach the stars, but driving spacecraft across the solar system with the pressure of sunlight also offers big advantages over traditional rocket engines. Closer to home, it offers access to unique orbits for vital Earth science and space weather missions.  

LightSail will spread its silver wings once it reaches orbit, becoming visible to nearly everyone on Earth as it demonstrates this promising new technology for space travel.  Host Mat Kaplan of Planetary Radio will be joined by Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye the Science Guy for a conversation with the designers and engineers behind the Society’s tiny yet highly innovative “cubesat,” along with the history and promise of solar sailing.  The evening will climax with an exciting announcement about how LightSail will begin its journey.


Mat Kaplan: Producer of Planetary Radio


Bill Nyethe Science Guy: CEO of The Planetary Society 

Jim Bell: planetary scientist, author, and president of The Planetary Society

Doug Stetson: LightSail Program Manager

Barbara Plante: Cubesat Engineer, Boreal Space/Ecliptic Enterprises

David Brin, scientist, futurist and award-winning science fiction writer. His latest book is “Existence".

Jason Davis: LightSail Embedded Journalist for The Planetary Society

Doors open - 6:30
Program begins - 7:00

This event is free but RSVPs are required