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TV Pilot Club (Living Single) - An LAist Virtual Event

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM on Tuesday, August 3, 2021

In a ‘90s kinda world, I’m glad I got my girls...

In 1993, Living Single gave us a glimpse into the lives of six friends living and working in Brooklyn. Described as “a love letter to Black female friendship,” the influence of this ‘90s classic can be seen in later shows from Friends to Insecure. With enviable wardrobes, complicated love lives, and real careers for the characters, the show quickly became iconic and has recently re-emerged as beloved nostalgia viewing. On Aug. 3, LAist entertainment reporter Mike Roe and special guests took a look back at the premiere episode and reflected on why the show resonated with audiences then and now.

Grab a copy of Flavor Magazine, rewatch the pilot, and watch the archive video.


Tre’vell Anderson, award-winning journalist, social curator, and world changer

Erin Jackson, comedian

Katie Orphan, author, Read Me, Los Angeles