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Red-hot real estate —Living on Mars

The Crawford Family Forum
Scientist Yajaira and the hab, a Mars dwelling simulation.
Dr. Sian Proctor/HI-SEAS/NASA
Scientist Yajaira and the hab, a Mars dwelling simulation.

How will humans survive on Mars? No food, no free oxygen and no stepping outside to enjoy the view without a spacesuit. Mars makes Antarctica look like a tropical resort. Nevertheless, scientists have found water below the surface, where life might be hiding. Engineers and scientists are seeking solutions that will enable people to visit the red planet as soon as the 2030s. Will a permanent station or colony follow? Or should Mars be off limits to all but robots?

Our audience joined Planetary Radio Live host Mat Kaplan for a fascinating conversation with Mars experts as the Planetary Society returned to KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum. We also visited with the crew of the HI-SEAS (Hawai’i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation), a group of men and women who are simulating an eight-month Mars excursion on a Hawaiian mountainside. Their experience is one more step toward turning Earthlings into Martians.

Mat Kaplan, Planetary Radio Live

Humphrey “Hoppy” Price, NASA-JPL Mars Program chief engineer
Dorit Donoviel, director of the Biomedical Innovations Lab, Center for Space Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine
David Paige, UCLA planetary scientist
Emily Lakdawalla, Planetary Geologist and Planetary Society senior editor

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