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#OfficerInvolved: Stories behind KPCC's investigation of police shootings

Tateuchi Democracy Forum

The shooting of an unarmed African-American man in Minneapolis is the latest to spur large protests and scrutiny in the national media. In L.A. County, the circumstances and even the number of people police shoot isn't publicly reported. The deaths of unarmed people like Ezell Ford and Kendric McDade spurred calls for more transparency and accountability.

To better inform the public about when and why police use deadly force, KPCC decided to build a database of L.A. County police shootings. Our reporters reviewed five years of records from the District Attorney and coroner, interviewed witnesses, prosecutors, police and family members. We listened to 911 tapes and viewed dashboard camera footage. That effort became Officer Involved, a series of stories, on-air discussions and a searchable database not available anywhere else.

Elected officials, listeners and readers nationwide have commented on the project – and now we hear from you. At this event, KPCC reporters reveal what they learned and open up a discussion about this important issue in our region. When do police shoot – and when should they? How many mistakes can the community accept from officers when they result in a loss of life? Who should respond when a family member is in a mental health crisis?

Before the event, the LAPD demonstrated the Force Option Simulator, a scenario driven training aide.

The program also included a robust Twitter chat with the hashtag #OfficerInvolved.

Our KPCC panelists include:

Evelyn Larrubia, managing editor

Annie Gilbertson, investigative reporter

Frank Stoltze, public safety reporter

Rina Palta, reporter and editor

Chris Keller, data editor