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#Multicultivate: Can diversity really be taught?

Japanese American National Museum - Tateuchi Democracy Forum

The interracialCheerios commercial. The Swiffer ad with a mixed race family and a dad who lost a hand and part of his arm. The Honey Maid #ThisIsWholesome campaign featuring a range of families, including a gay couple and their two sons. All three use a marketing strategy that speaks to our increasingly diverse populations in Southern California and around the country.

These commercials reflect the realities of many kids’ lives, and have sparked conversation about diversity right in our living rooms and at our kitchen tables. But how effective is talking, really? Are there other ways parents and caregivers can broach discussion about diversity? And if it’s actually “teachable,” what approaches make the message stick?

Saturday, June 14, from 1:00 – 2:30pm, KPCC emerging communities and immigration reporter Josie Huang takes the Crawford Family Forum on the road to the Japanese American National Museum. She’ll talk with a special panel about how we can help kids understand and appreciate the diversity of their own families and communities… and what they see in other kids – and adults – around them.

This KPCC conversation and Q&A is part of the Mixed Remixed Festival’s day of programming. The festival brings together film and book lovers to celebrate stories of multiracial, mixed and hapa individuals with workshops, readings, film screenings and live performances for the largest West Coast celebration of Loving Day.

Heidi Durrow: author of The Girl Who Fell from the Sky (New York Times bestseller, PEN/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction winner); founder of the Mixed Remixed Festival; Ebony Magazine Power 100 Leader.

Sonia N. Kang: Vice President of Multiracial Americans of Southern California (MASC); writer of The Mixed Up Blog, contributor to Modern Mom; co-founder of Multiculti Cuties.

Terrence Franklin: trust and estates litigation attorney in Los Angeles and founding partner at Sacks, Glazier, Franklin & Lodise, LLP. He has two teenage daughters with his former wife, who is also African American; partner of Jeffrey Moline.

Jeffrey George Moline: songwriter, musician and filmmaker; partner of Terrence Franklin.

12:50pm - Doors Open
1:00pm - Program

Admission is FREE, but RSVPs are required. *Please note that RSVPs for this event will be collected by The Mixed Remixed Festival.