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A Hollywood Exit: What California must do to remain competitive in entertainment – and keep jobs

Milken Institute

For the last decade and a half, California’s position as the global leader in film and television production has been under siege.  Although rivals such as Bollywood and Hong Kong have been prolific in serving their own markets, they have rarely impacted the economic underpinnings of Hollywood - its production workforce.  However, since available jobs peaked ten years ago, California’s entertainment labor force has been following opportunities in other states where film and television production has been growing, largely as the result of production tax credit programs.  According to the Milken Institute, the consistent erosion of this skilled workforce has now reached a tipping point.

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This forum, co-hosted by KPCC and Milken Institute, will be moderated by KPCC’s Larry Mantle and feature a panel of industry leaders who will outline steps California can take to regain our competitive advantage and return entertainment production to our state. With Larry will be economist Kevin Klowden, director of the Institute’s California Center and co-author of “A Hollywood Exit: What California Must Do to Remain Competitive in Entertainment – and Keep Jobs."

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The panel will include Rajiv Dalal (Director, Office of Motion Picture & Television Production Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti), Kathy Garmezy (Associate Executive Director, Government & International Affairs, Directors Guild of America), Fred Baron (Executive Vice President of Feature Production at Twentieth Century Fox and Board Member of Producers Guild of America), and Joseph Henchman (Vice President, Legal & State Projects and
Vice President, Operations for the Tax Foundation).

7:00pm - Doors Open
7:30pm - Program 

Admission is FREE, but RSVPs are required. 

This program is a partnership between Southern California Public Radio and Milken Institute.