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iPads at LAUSD: New challenges, new questions for students and teachers

The Crawford Family Forum

From basic pencil and paper to wired classrooms with smart boards and iPads for every student, technology of one kind or another has always been a part of education. But what is vital for schools that scramble for vital resources and face constant spending restrictions? With LAUSD budgeted to spend one billion dollars to supply iPads to 650,000 students, passions rise as teachers, parents and administrators take sides on the issue. Are iPads and similar devices effective teaching tools or costly playthings?  Proponents say tech levels the playing field between wealthy and lower-income school districts, engages the kids in active learning, gives access to off-site lecturers, and enhances critical thinking. Opponents say there’s no proof that increased use of technology increases learning, it’s too costly, can lead to distracted students with short attention spans, and can feed young people unrealistic expectations for instant gratification, making them lazy.

With the new Common Core standards in place, including the requirement that all testing be done electronically, the question will be – can tech deliver on the promise?  KPCC education editor Evelyn Larrubia gets answers from Bernadette Lucas, LAUSD’s director of the Common Core Technology Project, USC education professor Patricia Burch and communications expert Nancy Cheever, as they take on the issues at our Crawford Family Forum.  Your opinion matters – be here and weigh in.


Evelyn Larrubia: KPCC education editor - Pass / Fail


Bernadette Lucas: Director, Common Core Technology Project at Los Angeles Unified School District

Patricia Burch: Associate Professor of Education, USC Rossier School of Education; she is the author of Equal Scrutiny: Privatization and Accountability in Digital 
with Harvard University Press, and Hidden Markets: The New Education Privatization with Routledge.

Nancy Cheever:  Associate Professor of Communications and Journalism Option Coordinator, College of Arts and Humanities Communications Department, CSU Dominguez Hills; co-author of the books “Rewired” and “iDisorder”.

6:30pm - Doors Open
7:00pm - Program 

Admission is FREE, but RSVPs are required.

KPCC education reporters would like to hear from you. Do you think this technology is helpful or a hindrance to learning? Why?

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