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KUOR - Public Information

89.1 KUOR, Redlands, California

KUOR 89.1 FM, Redlands, is licensed to the University of Redlands. KUOR is operated by Southern California Public Radio, a separate nonprofit coproration, pursuant to a public service operating agreement between SCPR and UR. SCPR is an affiliated organization of American Public Media Group.

Below is a list of the contents of the KUOR public file. Note that most of these files are in PDF format.

Public Files Content


Applications, Permits, etc.

Local public notice announcements

Auxiliary Radio Broadcast Services

Contour Map

Satellite Earth Terminal

SCA/Remote Authorization


Procedure Manual
The Public and Broadcasting

Ownership Report
Most recent reportMost recent biennial report

Issues/Program Lists

EEO Public File Report
Because this station has fewer than five employees, no annual EEO report is required.

Donor Lists
This station does not have any donors meeting the FCC reporting criteria at this time.

Political File
As a noncommercial broadcaster, Southern California Public Radio does not sell commercial time of any kind, including commercial time to candidates for political office. SCPR has received no requests for poilitical time.

Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws