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Southern California Public Radio headquarters

The mission of Southern California Public Radio is to strengthen the civic and cultural bonds that unite Southern California's diverse communities by providing the highest quality news and information service through radio and other interactive media. We will be a public forum that engages its audiences in an ongoing dialogue and exploration of issues, events and cultures in the region and in the world, seeking to provide greater understanding and new perspectives to the people of these communities and their leaders.

Mission: Implementation

We will maintain a creative, knowledgeable and talented staff in order to provide quality radio and internet programs and related services, which will inform, enlighten, inspire and entertain communities of shared interest within a diverse listening audience. Through local, regional, national and international programming and services, we will reflect the culture, events, issues and ideas of the people we serve to broader audiences.

Vision for our Audiences

Southern California Public Radio seeks audiences interested in expanding their horizons and perspectives; in learning; in being informed, inspired, and entertained; in understanding; in being challenged; and in finding pleasure and excitement in on-going personal growth.

Vision for Enhanced Value in our Service

We will encourage our audiences to share their knowledge and insights with us and with each other, both electronically and in person, resulting in enhanced value to our programs and services, and furthering the personal objectives of our audiences.

Vision of How We Will Serve

We will present content and services selected on the basis of our judgement and on the basis of information and knowledge resulting from our relationship with our audiences. We will do this principally through the medium of radio, but also through the Internet and other means.

By Achieving This Vision...

We will accomplish this mission: we will enhance the lives and expand the perspectives of our audiences, and thereby assist them in leading and strengthening their communities.


Southern California Public Radio values its status as a California-based, independent, nonprofit, member-supported organization which pursues its mission with integrity and respect.

SCPR embraces the following core values...

  • Dedication to quality and a commitment to continual improvement in everything that we do.
  • A workplace that values diversity of experience, supports creativity by encouraging entrepreneurial spirit, and seeks to be professional, diverse, dynamic, and enjoyable.
  • A commitment to programming and services that are objective, valuable, credible, accurate, entertaining, intelligent, balanced, and relevant.
  • Dedication to building and redefining audience relationships that foster understanding, trust, loyalty, and goodwill.
  • A relationship with our constituents that is open and candid.
  • A commitment to strengthen public radio nationally.