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$9.9 billion Los Angeles city budget approved with $450 million for homeless services

City Hall in Downtown Los Angeles on August 17, 2017.
Daryl Barker/KPCC
City Hall in Downtown Los Angeles on Aug. 17, 2017.

A $9.9 billion budget plan for the upcoming fiscal year was approved Monday by the Los Angeles City Council, with the council unanimously voting to approve adjustments to the budget plan. After a final formal vote, the plan will head back to Mayor Eric Garcetti for a final signature.

Under this budget, about $450 million would be set aside for homeless services. This includes funds for emergency shelters throughout the city. Some residents in Koreatown have already pushed against one of those emergency shelters in their neighborhood.

City Councilman Paul Krekorian, chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee, said he understands people’s frustrations.

“But people need to also understand that there are really only two choices,” Krekorian said. “We can accept the status quo, or we can begin to address the challenge that homelessness presents to the homeless population, but to all residents of Los Angeles.”
Also in the proposed budget: $1 million would be set aside for a pilot project exploring construction of granny flats and other accessory dwelling units. It’s a way to house more residents on existing residential properties. 

The budget keeps police staffing at 10,000 officers. 

“We’re maintaining the size of the police department at its highest levels with sworn officers,” Krekorian said. “And we’re adding civilian employees that had been previously cut so that we can get more officers back on the street.”

The budget also calls for $9.3 million to hire 195 firefighters.

Here's the official summary of the budget from Krekorian's office: