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Culver City considers protected bike lane connecting Expo Line to commercial areas

Culver City is proposing to make it easier to reach its commercial districts from its Expo Line stop by building protected bike lanes, part of an ongoing effort to connect the city.

The city is already fairly walkable, with popular restaurants downtown, shopping and arts at the Helms Bakery complex and a light rail stop. But all three areas are not easily reached by foot.

"What we’re trying to do is use bicycle infrastructure to provide an option for folks to get between these areas that are really close to each other but not quite connected," said Culver City Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Eric Bruins, who has been gathering public feedback on the proposal.

It would create a two-lane bikeway, fully separated from traffic by a barrier, along a short stretch of Robertson and Washington boulevards.

Culver City

The design would require eliminating a center turn lane and curbside parking from some parts of both streets, but would not reduce the total number of car lanes.

Culver City

The proposal comes amid other major changes planned around the train station that would make the area more bike and transit-oriented. The park-and-ride lot has been closed to make way for a mixed-use development scheduled to have parking for cars and space for up to 200 bikes. 

The Culver City Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee is taking public comment on the bike lanes via email and at a meeting set for 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at the City Hall Patacchia Conference Room, 9770 Culver Blvd.