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Wildlife corridor in eastern Santa Monica Mountains approved by LA City Council

File: An area of the Santa Monica Mountains recreation area, which currently encompasses Runyon Canyon Park all the way to Point Mugu.
fredo/Flickr Creative Commons
File: An area of the Santa Monica Mountains recreation area.

A wildlife corridor in an eastern portion of the Santa Monica Mountains is one step closer to becoming reality.

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously (12-0) on Friday to move forward with preparing an ordinance to create a zone that requires building permits to meet certain criteria to protect wildlife passing through the area.

Councilman Paul Koretz spearheaded the effort.

“By approving this wildlife corridor as motion, the City Council will be telling our famous mountain lion P-22 and all the other deer, foxes, raccoons, bobcats and coyotes that they're a vital part of our urban environment,” he said.

Now city planners, citizen advocates and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy will move forward with working out the details of the plan.

The necessity of a corridor for wildlife is similar to the need for hallways in a house, Joseph Edmiston, executive director of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy told the council. He said that a person lives in many areas of their house, but needs a way to get to each of them. Similarly, animals need corridors to get from one place to another in the wild.

“We simply need to be more thoughtful and look at the bigger picture as we do our planning in the hillsides,” Koretz said.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the proposed location of the wildlife corridor. It is within the Santa Monica Mountains. KPCC regrets the error.