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Metro shuns North Carolina conference over anti-LGBT legislation

FILE: A Los Angeles Metro bus, an unlikely scene for romance.
LA Metro
FILE: A Los Angeles Metro bus.

Count Metro among many other entities that have decided to put the brakes on any planned activities in the state of North Carolina due to the state law that says transgender people must use bathrooms that fit the identified gender on their birth certificates.

In a Friday email to employees, Metro CEO Phil Washington barred Metro personnel from traveling to the APTA Bus & Paratransit Conference in Charlotte, N.C., noting a "zero tolerance for confirmed theft, sexual harassment/assault, racial/gender discrimination, etc.”

"I do not make this decision lightly, because I realize that many of our employees have been practicing and preparing for the bus roadeo and maintenance competition," Washington said in the email, referring to the conference's skills challenge for bus drivers. Washington did, however, offer to hold the "Bus Roadeo" challenge later in the year when the city host the APTA annual conference.

North Carolina's 'bathroom law' has drawn wide criticism and ire. Washington noted that Metro is not the only transit agency eschewing the conference, and his email to Metro employees came on the same day singer Bruce Springsteen nixed plans to hold a concert there.