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LA County school administrators learn how to deal with bomb threats, active shooters, more

Administrators from nearly 40 Los Angeles County school districts attended a safety workshop in Downey on Monday.

Security experts provided training on how to react to bomb threats, active shooters and other situations. Former middle school principal Judy Brunner, who co-founded Edu-Safe, led the workshop at the L.A. County Office of Education conference center.

One of the questions that came up: how to communicate with worried parents who show up during a lockdown without defying the orders of law enforcement.

"We've given that a lot of thought — there's no easy answer to it, but you might want to consider developing a system of using runners that would go out in the building and let people know what's going on," said Brunner. "I mean, if law enforcement or if the fire department says absolutely no use of cellular devices, in the school business, we're going to honor that."

The LAUSD's recent lockdown was also addressed during the workshop.

"It's not easy to make those decisions. Sometimes you make the right call, sometimes you may not make the right call," said Brunner. "But what I trust is that good people are doing the best they know to do. And I think that played out."

San Bernardino Unified School District Police Chief Joseph Paulino also spoke about the lessons he learned during the terrorist attack in San Bernardino.

"He had a strong message of preparation," said Brunner. "You can't overly prepare."