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As LA council reconsiders traffic plan, what would you like to see on city streets?

A rendering of the intersection at Figueroa and 11th streets. These new bike lanes will be the first of their kind in L.A.
FILE: The city's Mobility Plan that proposes a more bike and pedestrian-friendly future for Los Angeles streets undergoes another review Tuesday.

A committee of the Los Angeles City Council is set Tuesday to vote a second time on a highly debated plan that could affect the future of city traffic.

The City Council approved the Mobility Plan 2035 in August. The plan is a blueprint to guide city transportation decisions in coming decades and envisions adding hundreds of miles of bike and bus lanes to streets over 20 years, in some cases by replacing lanes of car traffic.

The proposal has drawn strong criticism and support. Dozens of citizens and activists on both sides of the debate showed up to offer public comments at earlier council meetings.

Supporters praise the plan for proposing safer, more connected bike and transit systems, while critics say the blueprint will increase congestion, worsen pollution and slow emergency vehicle response times.

In September, a Westside community group called Fix the City filed a lawsuit to strike down the plan. Among other issues, the lawsuit charges that the City Council did not follow proper procedures in adding small changes to the plan before the body passed it.

On the advice of the city attorney, the council plans to rescind the blueprint and hold another vote on it without the added amendments.

First, however, it will be taken up at a joint meeting of the planning and land use management and transportation committees on Tuesday at 2:30 pm in City Hall. The meeting can be watched via a live stream.

What would you like to see for city's streets? Take a poll below.