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California Drought Relief Fund plans to raise money for drought, wildfire support

Well water is pumped from the ground on April 24, 2015 in Tulare, California.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
File: Well water is pumped from the ground on in Tulare, California. A new campaign aims to help those affected by the drought in the Central and Salinas valleys.

A group of nonprofit organizations have teamed up to make the California Drought Relief Fund. They'll be raising money aimed at helping those affected by the drought and wildfires in California.

The fundraising campaign will run through the end of September and has a $250,000 goal to reach by that time, said Camron Assadi, director of the Climate Relief Fund.

"We are a climate organization, and so we are working with environmental groups to get the word out, because climate change is making the drought and wildfires worse in California," Assadi said.

The drought relief will be aimed at helping the Central and Salinas valleys. "When we heard about the people in the Central Valley who have run out of water, they literally turn on their taps and nothing comes out," Assadi said. "We decided that we had to do something to help them."

The campaign also aims to help firefighters battling wildfires.

All of the money the campaign raises will go to local groups who are working with drought and wildfire support. The campaign may continue after that.

"We know that the drought isn't going to be over at that time and fire season will continue, so we may well continue after that," Assadi said.