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SoCal animal shelters prep for busiest day of the year

This dog doesn't want to do agility exercises but maybe yours does.
Soggydan Benenovitch/Flickr/Creative Commons
File photo.

Animal shelters and rescue centers across Southern California are urging pet owners to keep their furry friends inside this Fourth of July.

Fireworks often frighten dogs and cats and cause them to bolt — leading to what is the busiest day of the year for animal control officers.

"In Los Angeles, July 2nd through the 6th has a 43 percent increase in shelter intake versus any other time of the year," Michelle Sathe with Best Friends LA, an animal rescue based in Mission Hills, says.

Officials with the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA are setting up extra kennels to house any lost pets. Best Friends LA is offering $10 adoptions all weekend to make room for the anticipated surge. 

The Long Beach Animal Care Services (LBACS) is using the #LBLostFoundPets to reunite pets with their owners. The hashtag will be updated every 30 minutes as animals arrive in the shelter or are picked up by officers in the field. 

Sathe says that if you do lose track of your pet this year, go down to the shelter in person — shelters may be too busy to have people manning the phones. 

Here are a few tips for this Fourth of July:

  • Bring your pets indoors when fireworks are being set off.
  • Secure them in a room and play music or turn on the TV.
  • Keep them away from fireworks if they are outside.
  • Make sure they're wearing name tags in case they get lost.