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Scenes from CatCon LA and 12 cat-related products you never knew existed

The first-ever CatConLA took place this weekend at The Reef in downtown Los Angeles, pulling in an estimated 6,000 people on its first day.

The two-day convention featured cat adoptions, panels and exhibitors for everything from catnip to cat clothes. Here are 12 cat-related products we found at CatConLA that we never knew existed.

Photos by Maya Sugarman/KPCC.

1. Cat Yoga Mats

Feline Yogi, which is based in LA, sells yoga mats for your cat. The mats have a special cat toy attached that's made with rope and a catnip-stuffed twine ball.

2. Cat Nurse Hat

Etsy store Notso Kitty Shop makes hats and glasses for your cat. The store is based in Salem, Mass.

3. Interactive Cat Robot

Brand Manager Kate Frostad demonstrates Spin Master's Zoomer Kitty, an interactive cat robot that follows your movements.

4. "Caticure"

Amanda Brennan of New Jersey gets a free "caticure" at the first-ever CatConLA on Saturday, June 6, 2015. Brennan flew to L.A. to attend the convention.

5. Cat Urn

Charm Ceramics, which is based in L.A., makes crematory vessels for pets that come in many different glazes.

6. "Caticature"

Samantha Rink of Camarillo gets a "caticature," in which an artist imagine what she might look like as a feline, during the first-ever CatConLA on Saturday, June 6, 2015 at The Reef.

7. Cat Bowties

Sweet Pickle Designs, which is based in Portland, Ore., makes bowties and corsages that come in different colors and patterns for your cat.

8. Cat Exercise Wheel

One Fast Cat, which is based in Camarillo, makes this exercise wheel for your cat. The wheel is four feet wide.

9. Mid-Century Modern Cat Furniture

Pet product maker Hagen has a line of mid-century-modern-inspired cat furniture.

10. Cat Silhouettes

Los Angeles-based artist Jordan Monsell makes cat silhouettes during the first-ever CatConLA at The Reef on Saturday, June 6, 2015. Mansell has an Etsy store called Silhouettes by Jordan.

11. Cat GPS Tracker

Loc8tor makes GPS trackers for your cats, dogs, cars and even children.

12. Cat Baby Onesie

Kumquat Baby, which has a store in Eagle Rock, makes cat-themed baby clothes.