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'Strangers' wins the 2015 KPCC Public Radio Bracket Madness!

This year's winner is a little... stranger. (Hint hint!) The third annual KPCC Public Radio Bracket Madness is in the books, and this year's winner is "Strangers"! (Pause for applause!)

Out of the tens of thousands of votes cast in the 2015 competition, "Strangers" rose to the challenge as a newer show and a first-year entrant in the contest. Fans of the show, hosted by former director of "The Moth" Lea Thau, outvoted year two champion "Radiolab" in the final stretch, crowning a new champion.

Lea and the rest of the "Strangers" crew will be taking home the #KPCCmadness trophy. Watch this time-lapse video showing how it was made:

Instagram: KPCC Public Radio bracket Madness trophy construction time-lapse video

Earlier in the contest, "This American Life" returned after taking last year off, besting both last year's runner-up "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me" and the show Ira Glass begot "Serial" to win their division. However, they couldn't overcome the power of "Strangers" and met their untimely demise. (In the voting, that is.)

"Radiolab" had previously taken out the most active campaigners in this year's brackets, "On The Media," as well as their own upstart offspring "Invisibilia," but they'll have to take a bow and find something else to fill the empty spot on their mantle next to their year two trophy. (Click here to see an extra-large version of this year's brackets!)

Who would you like to see in the brackets next year? Any other changes you would like to see? Let us know in the comments.