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OC supervisors race: Lou Correa demands recount in his 43-vote loss to Andrew Do

Republican candidate and attorney Andrew Do, 51, is ahead of Democratic candidate and longtime politician Lou Correa, 57, in the bid for a seat on the Orange County Board of Supervisors.
Erika Aguilar/KPCC
First District victor Republican attorney Andrew Do, 51,

Veteran Democratic politician Lou Correa has formally requested a recount of his 43-vote loss to Republican Andrew Do in the special election to fill Orange County's First District Board of Supervisors seat.

O.C. Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley confirmed the recount demand to KPCC just before 8 p.m. Monday.

Kelley said such a recount demand requires a written letter and one was delivered to the Registrar's office late in the evening.

Despite the small margin, the recall may be a long shot. Do, an attorney, was one of the strategists responsible for Janet Nguyen's 3-vote victory in 2007 following a similarly tight special election race, a recount and several court challenges.

Do told KPCC Monday night he was confident that a recount would land in his favor. 

“Even if you think about margins of error, 43 ballots is pretty big,” Do said. 

The request for a recount was filed the day before Do was scheduled to be sworn into office by his predecessor, former boss and former O.C. supervisor Janet Nguyen, who is now  a state senator.