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40 unvaccinated Murrieta students barred from attending school

Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB277 into law earlier this year amid fierce opposition from some parents' rights groups who argue the state should not force their children to be vaccinated.
Photo by El Alvi via Flickr Creative Commons
A person is vaccinated against Measles.

A measles case at a Murrieta high school has prompted Riverside County health officials to keep 40 students not vaccinated against the disease from attending school. 

Notifications were sent out to parents of students who were not vaccinated against the disease after an employee whose position at the high school could not be discussed was suspected of having measles, according to health officials. 

The students are currently under surveillance. The exclusion from school will take effect on Feb. 2 and will last until Feb. 6. The restriction from their community will last until Feb. 7, according to Barbara Cole, director for disease control for the County of Riverside Department of Public Health.

"It takes from seven to 21 days after someone's been exposed to potentially develop measles. And so you have to monitor them for a full 21 days to make sure they don't come down with measles," Cole told KPCC. 

The high school employee has been cleared to return to work and is no longer infectious. 

Earlier this week, Palm Desert High School, another Riverside County school, barred 66 students with no proof of vaccination from the school after a student there contracted measles. 

No word yet where the measles originated in the two separate cases.