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Campaign encourages blacks and Latinos to check their blood pressure

A poster from the campaign encouraging African-Americans and Latinos in Los Angeles to know their blood pressure and control it.

L.A.-area health advocates have launched a campaign encouraging African-Americans and Latinos to check and manage their blood pressure.
Recent studies have shown that nearly 40 percent of women and 35 percent of men in L.A. have high blood pressure. But many don’t know it. The problem is especially bad in South L.A.
So this month, the nonprofit Community Health Councils is putting up billboards there encouraging people to "Know Your Digits." It’s also conducting free hypertension screenings at more than 40 locations, including grocery stores and city and county libraries.
People found to have hypertension will be referred to local clinics to begin treatment. If they don’t have insurance, a spokeswoman said volunteers will help them explore coverage or programs for which they might qualify.