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@HiddenCash agrees to pay for damages to Whittier park trashed in money hunt

When the man behind the Twitter account @HiddenCash made a second appearance last week in Southern California to hide small sums of cash in Whittier's William Penn Park, an estimated 500 to 1,000 people showed up, trampling plants, breaking fences and sprinklers and causing $5,000 in damage.

On Tuesday, Jason Buzi, the San Francisco entrepreneur behind @HiddenCash, took to Twitter again to say he would pick up the tab for the damage.

"We're glad to put this behind us," Whittier City Manager Jeff Collier said Tuesday. "And we appreciate Mr. Buzi stepping up and taking responsibility." 

The incident took place last Thursday. Buzi had been in the Los Angeles area for a few days with the intention to hide money in Riverside and Hermosa Beach. But first, he came to Whittier.

At 9 p.m. on July 10, Buzi dropped the first clue to his 700,000 followers:

Buzi had hidden 25 Pez dispensers and two cases full of money around the park. Police estimated that hundreds of people people went out in pursuit. Traffic backed up in the streets.

Then, just before 9:30, he said it outright:

Photos posted online the morning aftershowed plants trampled, fences and sprinklers were broken and bottles littered around the park.  The city of Whittier estimated the park suffered $5,000 in damages.
LAist published a story with the headline, "Photos: Hundreds Of People Tore Up A Whittier Park In Search Of Hidden Cash."
On Tuesday, when asked if Whittier would welcome @HiddenCash again, though, Collier said the city would rather not.