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Garcetti saves the day: Foster the People mural to stay

The people have rallied for the band Foster the People: Their mural in downtown Los Angeles will stay after a brief scare last week.

Foster the People generated local buzz in January when it put on a live show in front of its commissioned mural at 539 S. Los Angeles Street. It also serves as cover art on its latest album "Supermodel." 

But when the LA Times reported Friday that the artwork would have to come down (referencing city regulations that say murals cannot be advertisements), one avid fan started a petition. Fast-forward three days, the petition has over 12,000 signatures and this happened: 

Tweet: Garcetti saves the day

Tweet: Foster the People thanks the people

Tweet: Foster the People stand up for Garcetti

Last week, the state of the mural looked bleak. Foster the People's Mark Foster said in a statement Friday:

Monday, Foster the People is celebrating its stroke of luck with a meet-and-greet at the mural from noon to 4 p.m. 

Tweet: Meet Foster the People

Can't make it? Enjoy a virtual tour: 

Video: The mural

Should the mural stay? Share your thoughts in comments.