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World Record: Wilshire Grand developers attempt largest continuous concrete pour in history

This Saturday construction crews at the site of the future Wilshire Grand tower will pour concrete for 20 hours straight.

They'll be laying the foundation for a planned 73 story luxury hotel, office and retail space in downtown LA . When completed in 2016 the structure will be the tallest west of the Mississippi.

If this weekend's pour is successful, the building will also set a world record for the largest continuous foundation pour ever.

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An official from the Guinness Book of World Records will be on hand to verify the results.

Here's the plan:

  • 8 plants around Los Angeles will provide concrete throughout the day.
  • 180 concrete trucks will make multiple deliveries to the site.
  • At any given moment, 16 trucks will be unloading their concrete into the foundation simultaneously.
  • 2,100 truckloads of concrete will be poured into the foundation.
  • The foundation will hold 21,200 cubic yards of concrete weighing 82 million pounds when dry.
  • As it dries, concrete undergoes an exothermic reaction, meaning it heats up. It can reach temperatures above 165 degrees Fahrenheit. The crews will run 19 miles of refrigeration piping through the foundation to keep it cool so it won't crack.
  • The current current record holder for this kind of pour is believed to be the Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. That foundation took 21,000 cubic yards of concrete.

Most large projects pour the foundation in stages, letting each part settle before adding the next. But that method takes longer and usually costs more money.
While designing the Wilshire Grand, developers determined it would be more efficient to do a single continuous pour.

Since LA has plenty of available concrete factories and cement trucks this was an achievable goal, according to architect Chris Martin.

“We have the chance to do something that’s not usually done,” he said of the pour.

The pour kicks off at 4pm Saturday with a ceremony featuring LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, California State Assembly Speaker John A. Perez, the USC marching band and others.

The public is invited to watch the pour from a be a viewing area at 1000 Wilshire Boulevard.