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Crouch Memorial Church: Officials contemplate rebuild of historic building after fire

A 3-alarm fire damaged the historic Crouch Memorial Church Tuesday.
Hayley Fox/KPCC
A 3-alarm fire damaged the historic Crouch Memorial Church Tuesday.

As officials determine whether to tear down or rebuild a church in South Los Angeles that caught fire Tuesday, members of Crouch Memorial are meeting for Sunday services at another congregation.

Crouch Memorial Pastor Lawrence Magee says the decision to rebuild the historic building will likely depend on costs. 

"We have insurance to do something — it all depends on how much it's going to cost for the demolition, and the hazardous disposal and paying off the mortgage that we have on our church as well. So all of that is going to play in to what we're able to do going forward," said  Magee. 

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Crouch Memorial Church of God and Christ — located in the 27th Street Historic District — was built in the late 19th century. It's part of a neighborhood listed on the national register of historic places.

Investigators Tuesday ruled the fire as accidental. Pastor Magee says he may have started it after turning on a wall heater. Authorities said three firefighters were injured after the roof collapsed — including two who were rescued after becoming trapped.