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Law enforcement app coming to the hands of 3,600 LAPD officers

A screenshot from the JusticeMobile app.
Office of the California Attorney General
A screenshot from the JusticeMobile app.

In the near future, the Los Angeles Police Department plans to equip 3,600 officers with JusticeMobile, an app that provides law enforcement agents with real-time access to state and federal criminal justice information, according to a press release. 

The mobile app got its wider launch Monday in San Francisco. It's part of a plan to help keep cities safe and help officers obtain instant access to law enforcement data, according to Mayor Ed Lee. 

The app was tested by nearly 600 San Francisco Police Department officers over the span of five months on a beta testing basis before expanding to agencies throughout the state. 

In recent months, the LAPD has tested similar new technologies aimed at reducing crime through predictive policing software first used by the Santa Cruz Police Department. 

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According to the Los Angeles Times, California is the first to implement the mobile app program statewide:

Here's a tweet from General Attorney Kamala Harris from the kickoff for the mobile app in San Francisco: 

The Office of the Attorney General released screenshots from the new app:

JusticeMobile - Demo - Ppt by scprweb