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California's high gasoline prices pushing some people to mass transit

The vehicles of Metro riders parked at the Culver City Station.
Brian Watt/KPCC
The vehicles of Metro riders parked at the Culver City Station.

California gasoline prices set a record high Monday with a gallon of self-serve regular at $4.67.

The soaring prices - some stations have prices well into the $5 a gallon range - have driven some people to use mass transit.

Seamus Moran pulled a large suitcase through the Culver City Expo Line station Monday morning. Moran lives in Hawaii, a state that usually has the highest gas prices in the country. But California's prices have gone higher than that.

“That’s insane," Moran said, as he waited for an elevator to take him up to the rail platform. "Especially when they ship the gas almost 3,000 miles across the Pacific and the gas prices are still cheaper in Hawaii than in California.”

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Moran is on vacation and his next stop is San Diego. His brother had dropped him off at the Culver City rail stop so he could go to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles.

“It would have cost my brother $8-10 in gas to get downtown," Moran lamented. "Why spend that money in today’s economic times. You know, it’s just a waste.”

Another rider said she was taking the Metro now because both of her cars are getting repairs. She said with gas prices so high, she’s better off with the cars in the shop.

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