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Catholic priest from Ontario pleads guilty to child sex abuse charges

A Roman Catholic priest from Ontario has pleaded guilty to molesting a 12-year old boy. The plea deal means the priest will avoid trial, but he’ll spend up to a year in jail.

Alex Castillo must also register as a sex offender. He’s out on bail right now.

He’ll be sentenced in June. He’ll wear an electronic monitoring device until then.

Castillo faced multiple counts of lewd acts with children under the age 14. At first, he pleaded not guilty.

But the 58-year-old Castillo now says he repeatedly molested a 12-year-old boy who attended Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Ontario – where Castillo began serving in 2003. The alleged abuse happened about three years ago.

Authorities believe Castillo might have molested the victim’s older brother, too. He avoided prosecution in that case because the statute of limitations ran out.

A trial would have required testimony from both boys – something the family apparently wished to avoid.

The Diocese of San Bernardino stripped Castillo of his duties last year. He’s also barred from contact with church parishioners – many of whom rallied to Castillo’s defense when the sexual abuse allegations surfaced.